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Global Bio Investment Forum 2022 Another new drug platform, navigation to a new treatment
  • Jane Leong Vice President(Medical Affairs, Asia Pacific), Moderna

    Keynote : Bringing pandemic to endemic, robust mRNA platform next targeting cancer & rare diseases

    - Global Medical Influenza Portfolio Lead, Seqirus
    - VP Head of Scientific Affairs, bioCSL
    - Melbourne Business School
    - University of Melbourne

  • Seng Ho Jeon

    Seng Ho Jeon CEO, Daewoong Pharmaceutical

    Bio trend ① : Daewoong Pharmaceutical Innovative Drug Development Keyword: R&D Platform & Open Collaboration

    - Dieector, Global Business Development, Daewoong Pharmaceutical
    - Director, The Pharmaceutical Society of Korea
    - Director, Korea Drug Research Association
    - MBA, Aalto University School of Business
    - College of Pharmacy, Seoul National University

  • Rosa(Heejung) Kim

    Rosa(Heejung) Kim R&D Scientific and Clinical Alliance Lead Director(Asia), AstraZeneca

    Bio trend ② : Hope to cure incurable diseases…How far can ‘bispecific antibody’ reach?

    - Associate Director, Asia alliances, AstraZeneca
    - Medical Science & Operations manager, Takeda
    - MSL Manager, Mundipharma
    - Novartis
    - Masters inClinical Research Design and Evaluation, Sungkyunkwan University
    - Parmacy, Kyung Hee University

  • Sang Hoon Lee

    Sang Hoon Lee CEO, ABLBio

    Bio trend ② : Hope to cure incurable diseases…How far can ‘bispecific antibody’ reach?

    - Co-established PharmAbcine
    - Vice President, Hanwha Chemical
    - Ph.D in Developmental Biology, Ohio State University
    - B.S. in Biological Education, Seoul National University

  • 황만순

    Mahn Soon Hwang(Chair) CEO, Korea Investment Partners

    Discussion : Intensifying drug platform competition…Where are the promising investment destinations?

    - Chairman, New Industry Organization for Investment
    - Senior Vice President, Chemon
    - Principal, Korea Biotech Investment Corporation
    - Senior Researcher, Yuhan Pharmaceutical
    - B.S., M.S. in Pharmacy, Seoul National University

  • Lambert Chanwoo Kuk

    Lambert Chanwoo Kuk(Participants) Group Head, KB investment

    Discussion : Intensifying drug platform competition…Where are the promising investment destinations?

    - KB Investment Head of Life Science and Healthcare Division, Senior Managing Director
    - Samsung Medical Center, Center for Future Medicine
    - IQViA Corporate Development Senior Specialist
    - KPMG Healthcare Consulting Division
    - M.S. in Healthcare Policy and Management, Carnegie Mellon University
    - Indiana University, Bloomington

  • Seung Woo Lee

    Seung Woo Lee(Participants) Executive Director, Devsisters Ventures

    Discussion : Intensifying drug platform competition…Where are the promising investment destinations?

    - Visiting Professor, Yonsei University College of Medicine
    - Investment Head of Biohealthcare Division, Director, Bluepoint Partners
    - Head of Clinical Development, Director, Ybrain, Inc.
    - College of Medicine, Yonsei University

  • Hyun Woo Park

    Hyun Woo Park(Participants) Investment manager, Timefolio Asset Management

    Discussion : Intensifying drug platform competition…Where are the promising investment destinations?

    - Project Leader, Portfolio Management Division, SK Holdings
    - B.S. in Animal Science and Biotechnology, Seoul National University

  • James Choi

    James Choi Executive VP, Chief Information and Marketing Officer at Samsung Biologics

    Afternoon Session : Why Biopharma CDMO Companies Must Pursue Long-Term Sustainability

    - Team leader at GlO Team, SamsungBiologics
    - MBA, University of Southern California
    - B.S. in Mechenichal Engineering, University of California at Irvine

  • Hak Bae Choi

    Hak Bae Choi CEO, Haplnscience

    IR Session

    - Co-CEO, Kolmar Korea, President of Pharmaceutical Affairs
    - CEO, C&C Research Laboratories at JW Pharmaceutical
    - Director, Global Business Development&Sales, JW Pharmaceutical

  • Jade Kim

    Jade Kim CEO, Inventage Lab

    IR Session

    - Chief, Clinical development team, BCWorld Pharm
    - Manager, Academic team, Seegene
    - R&D Center, Kwangdong Pharmaceutical
    - Ph.D in Biocemistry, Kyungpook National University
    - Masters in Biochemestry, Hanyang University Medical School

  • Byong Hwa Lee

    Byong Hwa Lee CEO, Toolgene

    IR Session

    - CEO, MGMED
    - CEO, Macrogen
    - Korea Long-term Credit Bank, KB Bank
    - Yonsei University

  • Chang-Hwan Kim

    Chang-Hwan Kim Executive VP, ProtiumScience

    IR Session

    - Process Development Division, Division Head, TiumBio
    - USP Development Team, Team Leader & Project Leader, Genexine
    - USP Development Team, SME (Subject Matter Expert), SAMSUNG BIOEPIS
    - Bio Team 2, Project Leader, Hanmi Pharm

  • Seung Jae Lee

    Seung Jae Lee CEO, C&L Therapeutics

    IR Session

    - Business Development, Alteogen
    - Researcher, Seoul National University Department of Physics
    - Researcher, Howard Hughes Medical Research Institute (HHMI)
    - Researcher, New York Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL)
    - Researcher, Texas State University of Medicine Southwestern Medical Center (UTSW)
    - Ph.D. in structural biochemistry

  • Tea Jin Kang

    Tea Jin Kang CEO, Renhaim Therapeutics

    IR Session

    - EyeGene
    - Novotech Asia Korea
    - SK Discovery(SK Chemicals)
    - Masters in Pharmacy, Yonsei University

  • Dong Sik Ham

    Dong Sik Ham Director, Advanced Biopharmaceuticals, SCM Lifescience

    IR Session

    - Member of policy committee, Council for Advanced Regenerative Medicine
    - Research Professor, The Catholic University of Korea St. Mary’s hospital
    - Ph.D. in Cell Biology, Catholic University
    - M.S. in Neuroscience and Technology, Ajou University
    - B.S. in Life Sciences, Ajou University

  • Chae Ok Yun

    Chae Ok Yun CEO, Genemedicine

    IR Session

    - Professor, Department of Bioengineering, Hanyang University
    - Member, The National Academy of Engineering of Korea
    - Expert Committee on Gene Therapy, Ministry of Food and Drug Safety
    - Ph.D in Molecular Cell Biology, University of Illinois